Zenith Experience

Let's begin with the fundamentals. Buying a well fitted custom tailored suit, shirt, blazer, pants, jacket, overcoat doesn't start in the store. It starts in your head. Is the suit for work? Wedding? For an anniversary? Performance?. Are you nervous about picking the right colour, style and fit? Don't worry at Zenith we help you by answering your questions and assisting you through the entire process.

Step 1.


Creating a tailoring experience starts with a discussion of your lifestyle. We need to understand your purpose of having a new custom suit. This process is broken in four stages: discussion, fabric selection, customisation and measurements.

Step 2.

Fabric Selection

There's no 'good custom tailored suit' without a great fabric, artisan craftsmanship, and immaculate fit. We will help you to make the best selection for your lifestyle, purpose, occasion & budget.

Step 3.

Design & Customise

With limitless options, your suit can have your touch in all components and design aspects. Picking your button, design, fabric, lining, and personal bespoke features are some of your options.

Step 4.

Get Measured

Measurements alone aren’t enough here. We’ll take a look at your posture to give us a deeper understanding of your body shape and what fit you are looking for. We don't take only measurements and hope for the best.

We do believe that each of our lines deliver a great quality and fantastic value for money.Their price level comes from construction types, selection of fabrics and level of finishing.

Step 5.

Fitting & Final Adjustments

2 to 6 weeks later we are ready for your first fitting. At this time things are getting serious as we will look for any imperfection. All adjustments are done locally so you don't need to wait more than 7 days.

Step 6.

Suit Up Moment

The SUIT UP moment as we call it. And keep in mind, now reordering becomes as easy as selecting a meal. With your measurements on file, reordering will be a matter of picking up fabrics and trims.