About Us

Zenith Tailors is an Australian-owned brand, founded in 2016 with a strong passion for the timeless art of sartorial craftsmanship and elegance.

 The brand's identity revolves around the idea of "Boldness to Conquer," encouraging individuals to dress in a way that reflects their aspirations and dreams. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Zenith Tailors offers classic, timeless designs that embody an exceptional level of quality and attention to detail.

Designed in Perth for men and women, Zenith Tailor's purpose is to inspire you in your journey of boldness to conquer, we believe the way you present yourself determines the way people address you. In this essence, boldness to conquer means to dress like your future dreams and aspirations.

We are in the business of confidence and self-expression. We're dedicated to ensuring that all our clients feel valued, empowered to manifest their true selves through instilling confidence by dressing them like their aspirations.

We value and enjoy crafting our suits. Zenith specifically select high-quality materials stitched together by highly experienced team. All our suits are made with natural materials, high-grade luxury Australian merino wool, English and Italian wool, hand stitching throughout, and real horn or alloy buttons. We strive for elegance and sartorial excellence that is timeless.

Zenith operates with the conviction that high end bespoke tailoring should be accessible to all. Affordable in price and premium in quality. We advise on fabric, cut and design and will work with you on the finer details. To ensures the service and quality of our sartorial craftsmanship is of high satisfaction to our clients.

Our Philosophy

We believe that you should dress to express your authentic identity with well cut and fitted suits, shirts, blazers, coats etc, that will express your confidence and authenticity.

We believe the way you present yourself determines the way people address you. We believe you should dress like your future dream. We are in the business of confidence and self-expression. 

How It Works

Choose your Style

Our designers, stylists and tailors will work with you to determine how you wish to use and wear your clothing, and provide expert opinion on cut and details. You’ll also need to make a number of decisions regarding style. This includes the number of pockets, number of buttons, lapel size, and jacket vents.


Next, our experienced stylist/designer will take important measurements. Known as the ‘pattern’, it will be the blueprint for the making of your suit and future pieces.


Once you’ve made your selection and measurements are finalised, your fabrics, patterns, and measurements are brought together. From here the real art and craftsmanship begins, creating a fine, bespoke suit.


Your suit will be sent directly to you. This process takes two weeks for priority delivery, otherwise the normal timeframe is three to four weeks.

Final Adjustments

Once your suit has been constructed, you will now have a fitting, or series of fittings. And after the appropriate adjustments have been made and your suit is the perfect fit, the final piece is yours.