9 Tips for Dressing with Style

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1 – Know Your Measurements

Style requires a fair share of numbers and formulas. The most important of numbers being the ones that represent different aspects of your body. Fit.

Fit is among the three core elements of style. It makes sense – you're only as stylish as your body appears to be. It's not that attractive to:

  • Look sloppy (the jacket isn't nipped in at your waist, your trousers have excess material in the buttocks area, etc.)
  • Look like your dress shirt collar is choking your neck

Your measurements are the building blocks of your style. If you're thinking this is just a case of S vs M vs L… think again. Your body is unique. Certain aspects of it can change from time to time. So a stylish man should never assume that getting something off-the-rack – even if he's duly measured himself – is enough.

The next step is to hire a tailor for alterations or bespoke items (especially suits and shirts with a collar). As long as there's good communication, you're likely to get what you want from a professional.

2 – Choose The Classics Over Trends

Stylish men stick to the classics. They recognize that timeless style works 99% of the time over “sizzling hot” trends that come and go.

But that doesn't mean you should avoid any experimentation. If you can build an interchangeable wardrobe for yourself…that gives you the opportunity to try a different tie pattern, a lighter brown for your dress shoes, etc.

These subtle changes won't negatively impact your outfits because everything else you're wearing is known to work. And they'll be good enough to make you stand out and show off.


3 – Go With High-Quality Items

As the old cliché goes, quality over quantity. But there's another statement to keep in mind when it comes to style: high quality over good quality.

Why does that matter? Because style is a long-term investment. The extra money you put in for that high-quality wool jacket or cashmere sweater is what'll set you apart from the other guys at your next networking event or business conference.

Consider the cost-per-wear (CPW) ratio of an item that's high-quality, durable, and better-looking than its counterparts. You'll probably enjoy wearing that item so much that (as long as you take care of it) you won't need a lot of alternatives. So more high-quality items mean fewer shopping trips… which will save you money in the long run.

4 – Use The Right Colors

Less is more. In this context… that entails understanding the difference between standing out stylishly and sticking out like a sore thumb. Color-wise it's looking sharp versus coming off as flashy.

For example: would you wear a black tuxedo with a pair of tan wingtip dress shoes? No. Those shoes would grab everyone's attention at the fancy dinner party…but for all the wrong reasons.

So it's crucial to study color in menswear. You need to know which color combinations are foolproof – and which ones are ridiculous even if you thought they might be worth a try. Not every color yields the same result when it's used for one particular clothing piece. Be smart about color. And when in doubt… monochrome can be an option.

5 – Store Your Clothes Properly

For me… there's no better way to start your day than to have a cup of coffee, enjoy breakfast with your family, and open your closet to see all your clothes ready to be worn. That last bit really feels good… constructing your outfit for the day without restrictions.

That's why you should treat your closet like an exhibit. You don't want your jackets, dress shirts, casual shirts, and trousers stacked together clumsily. You want each of them hung up with wooden hangers as much as possible. For your t-shirts and all the rest – they should be folded properly. No wrinkles.

The most important items should be kept wrinkle-free even when you pack them for traveling (don't bundle them into a ball). I say it's better to deal with the hassle of packing well than the hassle of taking messy-looking clothes out of your bag.

6 – Keep Your Clothes In Good Condition

Stylish men don't rely on others for basic clothing needs. They can iron their office shirts properly, as well as handle minor issues like removing a common stain on their jacket immediately.

They can do quick fixes like repairing a loose button. Maybe that's not a mind-blowing skill… but what if you happen to put on an office shirt… and one button looks noticeably loose? Imagine how you'd feel if it came off during a meeting or presentation.

Don't undervalue those kinds of skills – you may need them anytime. The exception is repairing sensitive areas like the crotch of your trousers. If you can tell that part is starting to give, you'd better take those pants to a tailor.

7 – Discard The ‘Trash'

Wearing stained and worn-out clothing at home raises a few red flags: (1) you're not aware of all the clothes you haven't been wearing, (2) you're confused as to what works/fits you and what doesn't, or (3) you're simply not committed enough to improve your style.

So anything with holes, permanent stains or a faded color must be trashed pronto. Forget the idea of wasted money or keeping it for use around the house. When you let the junk clutter up your wardrobe and mix with the good stuff, you risk wearing that junk at the wrong time and place… which will take a toll on your confidence. Don't bother salvaging your rubbish.

8 – Take Care Of Your Hair

Hair is an underrated part of style. A lot of guys don't bother to educate themselves about it. They settle for standard cuts and products without realizing their hair could be so much better. Don't be like them.

Treat your hair like it's a huge asset – a prime indicator of how well you take care of yourself and present yourself. Whether short or long, straight or curly, your hair needs to send out the message that you're in control… and that you're doing an awesome job.

Maintaining your hair well involves:

  • Knowing your hair type and which hairbrush or comb to use
  • Finding the right styling product for your hair
  • Choosing a style that works for your hair
  • Getting a haircut regularly and communicating with a barber who knows what you want.

9 – Keep Your Face Groomed

No matter how nice your outfits are, most folks will remember you by your face… and unfortunately… whatever flaws may come with it.

So are you someone with skin problems like acne? Find a good skin cream or lotion to apply daily. Does a beard work for you or are you thinking of growing one? Discover the right type of beard for you and maintain it accordingly.

Your teeth also matter. Visit your dentist every six months for general cleaning. You might also be interested in trying out some DIY teeth-whitening techniques at home. This isn't about pretending to be rich or famous. It's about making an impression…and opening the door for more conversations, opportunities, and relationships.




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